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January 01, 2021 1 min read

Your shower door jamb can either be wall to glass or glass to glass.  Both types are fairly simple to install:

  1. Remove the old door stop and clean both the door and the glass or wall. If your door jamb is against a wall, you may need to remove some adhesive residue.
  2. For both types, measure your new door jamb from the “curb” of your shower to top of the shower door. Mark and cut to fit.
  3. Position the door stop facing the proper direction. The side of the acrylic door stop with the lip needs to be facing out, away from the shower, so that the door can close against it.
  4. For a glass-to-glass installation, snap and slide the new door jamb into place on the glass side panel.
  5. For a wall-to-glass installation, place the stop inside the shower so that the door closes properly against it. Make a few pencil marks so you can see exactly where the door stop needs to be. Remove the protective cover from the adhesive strip and place firmly into place, using the marks you just made as a guide.